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The company "RIP" was founded in 1990 by experienced experts in the sphere of radionuclide sources, radiation and X-ray equipment.

To date, it includes administrative-and-technical center in Chelyabinsk and a network of fixed sites located directly within the territories of corporate customers. Large industrial enterprises and medical institutions of Russia are among the clients of RIP

We are ready to bring to your attention:

РАД прав Industrial x-ray installations for measurement of:

thickness of products;

caliper pig

РАД прав Industrial radioisotopic measuring units:

material level (for the established value of level of a controllable material alarm in capacity or delimitation of two environments);

densimeters (for determination solutions and pulps density)

РАД прав Intellectual multichannel gamma and relay systems with tracking function

РАД прав Hydrometers LB350 by "BERTHOLD tehnologies" (Germany) which are widely applied in aglodomain production for hydro measuring  of coke and charge material

РАД прав Specialized measuring maschines LB452 (with an extended radiation source) - for continuous measurement of molding level in crystallizers of continuous casting machine (MNLZ)

РАД прав Automatic  radiation situation control systems

РАД прав Systems of radiation control of moving objects

РАД прав X-ray diagnostic equipment