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Equipment of technical control BERTHOLD

        Since 2004 OOO “RIP” has been the official representative and the service partner of the company "Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co KG" (Germany) . We realize a delivery, assembling and exploitation of radio isotopic production produced by "Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co KG". Also we realize the maintenance service of equipment and repair of electronic units and units of RIP with preservation of warranty package in toto.      

        We offer apparatus of technical control using in different branches of trade: metallurgy, mining and concentration complex, petrochemicals oil-refining industry, food industry, etc.

        We make repair and attendance of products which at the preset time is discontinued the line: level measurements LB300, mould level measurements LB300-2, level measurements LB323, belt scales LB330, density measurements LB367, scintillation detectors LB6639, cpu boards LB3940. We have the warehouse of repair parts. Our warehouse of repair parts is replenished permanently.