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For dental clinics

Designing of x-ray departments. Designing of the private clinics and medical centers.

We provide the services in designing of x-ray departments as a part of the health and care facilities, services in designinig private dental clinics, medical centers, animal clinics, etc.:

  РАД прав The elaboration of planning documentation consisting of:

      - architectural-and-constructional solutions

      -  process solutions

      -  radiation security (with calculation of the permanent-set safety production)

      - ventilation  and acclimatization

      - electrical system and electrical lighting

      - estimate documentation

      - and another section

   РАД прав Coordination of the planning documentation in all interested organisations

 The special offer "from  the project to acquisition of license" for opening x-ray department

We offer complex services for dental clinics and another organizations which want to open a new x-ray department without efforts and commissions.

    РАД прав The qualified specialists will make all necessary works, include:

        - elaboration and coordination of the planning documenttion

        - selection and delivery x-ray apparatus

        - assembling and setting up x-ray apparatus

        - dosimetry measurements and control of technical parameters of a new apparatus

        - development all necessary documentation for a radiation safety 

        - the help in receiving technical dossier for x-ray department

        - protocols of measurement ventilation and characteristics of electric mains

        - management of individual dosimetry staff control of x-ray department

        - maintenance operations of x-ray apparatus

        - delivery all necessary according to project x-ray protection materials (doors, screens,    

          jalousie, barium plasters, protections lips, etc.)