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For health care facilities

медРАД прав Maintenance support, repair and supply of medical equipment. (License of the Federal Service for Supervision of Health and Public Services. of Reg. Number 99-08-001223 d.d. 1.03.2011);

РАД прав Delivery, dismantling, assembling and commissioning of the gamma-therapeutic and X-ray equipment;

РАД прав Maintenance support of the generating sources of ionizing radiation: radio therapeutic devices of the type GULMAY, X-ray- TA, simulator; X-ray diagnostic units of all types (License Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Public Welfare Reg. # d.d. 08.12.2009);

РАД прав Maintenance support of gamma-therapeutic devices of the type AGAT-R, AGAT-R1, AGAT-VU, AGAT-V2 (3), AGAT-RM, THERATRON Equinox, THERATRON Elit 80, ROKUS, TERABALT, MultiSorce in the process of exploitation. repair and lab commissioning inclusively (License of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision Reg.# PP-03-206-1676 d.d. 09.12.2009);

РАД прав Recharge of the gamma-therapeutic devices;

РАД прав Control of the X-ray radiation equipment safety technical parameters in accordance with the requirements of sanitary regulations and standards for acceptance for operation, certification and licensing, as well as after units and blocks repairing, renewing the X-ray tubes, changes in operating conditions of Х-ray rooms;

РАД прав Checking the operation of the basic units of X-ray device;

РАД прав For all types of X-ray equipment, including computer tomography and mammography, the measurement of the radiation yield of X-ray radiator in the whole range of operating values of x-ray tube anode voltage for the calculation of effective dose for patients. Measurements are made with precision equipment UNFORS, Sweden, with the output waveform of the anode voltage on the screen;

РАД прав Testing the effectiveness of the protective properties of individual means of radiation protection;

РАД прав Dose rate control in the workplace and in adjacent areas;

РАД прав Extension of operation time of nuclear facilities such as gamma-therapeutic equipment, etc.

РАД прав Utilization of the ionizing radiation sources ( generating);

РАД прав Individual dosimetry staff control of group "A" working with the sources of gamma and X-rays. We also provide the assistance for statistical form DOZ-1 (Data about the radiation dose of the personnel in the context of normal exploitation of technogenic ionizing radiation sources);

РАД прав X-radiation dosimeters clinical DRC-1 checking without removing from the X-ray equipment;

РАД прав Software development of the production control of radiation safety;

РАД прав Development of radiation parameters control levels ;

РАД прав Measurements of natural factors (EEVA radon and gamma dose rate background) at the workplace and facilities of medicine and prevention with the measurements recorded;

РАД прав Testing the ventilation effectiveness;

РАД прав Checking the insulation resistance and ground;

РАД прав Equipment supply:

Universal Dental X-ray equipment, Italy, with low radiation.

Hospital means of protection against X-ray radiation (windows, doors, screens, curtains, etc.).

Personal protective equipment against X-ray radiation (protective aprons).

РАД прав Decommissioning РИ, ПХ РВ and РАО