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Supply and maintenance support


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РАД Selection and delivery of ionizing radiation sources;
РАД Disassembling, assembling and commissioning of radioisotope;

РАД Devices process control and automatic control engineering, industrial gamma-ray facilities and means of X-ray equipment of any purpose;

РАД Maintenance support and arrangement of the X-ray equipment of any purpose, including their disassembling, assembling, commissioning and repair. (License of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Consumer Rights Protection and Social Welfare Reg. # d.d. 08.12.2009);

РАД Supply, assembling, commissioning and maintenance support of systems for measurement of the melt level in casting molds of CC machines, . radio isotope thickness gage, hydrometers, level gages, level alarms, level switch, density sensor, sensors for concentration measurement  on the basis of isotope sources of ionizing radiation (License of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision Reg.# PP-03-206-1676 d.d. 09.12.2009);

РАД Recharge, repair and maintenance support of radiating units of foreign and home production;

РАД Modernization of systems containing radioactive substances;

РАД Preparing shipping packaging set;

РАД Development and manufacturing of automation systems based on intelligent measuring gamma relay systems by the customer's technical specifications;

РАД Assembling, commissioning and maintenance support of detection customs system of fissile and radioactive materials, such as "Amber" ("Yantar"), used in the warehouses;

РАД Installation, commissioning and start-up, turnkey operation and maintenance support of all equipment supplied during the exploitation;

РАД Operation extension of nuclear facilities such as gamma-ray flaw detectors, transportnoupakovochnye systems, gamma-ray sources units (GRSU-45, GRSU-60, GRSU-75, GRSU-90), etc.;

РАД Operation extension of ionizing radiation sources (IRS);

РАД Carrying out radiation control;

РАД Individual radiation control (IRC) of the group "A" personnel working with gamma and x-ray radiation sources. 

РАД Decommissioning РИ, ПХ РВ and РАО;

РАД ИДК of group A by the laboratory of radiation control and testing