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Ionizing radiation sources supply

At the request of the enterprise that has a license to work with radioactive substances and products based on them, we are ready to supply the closed point and extended sources of ionizing radiation, both domestic and imported, industrial and medical purposes.

We will help you select the source in each case, we choose an analogue of the foreign sources of ionizing radiation from an existing domestic nomenclature. We can also calculate the required activity.

We offer the sources produced by


Eckert and Ziegler

QSA Global

Atomic Reactor Research Institute

We provide customs clearance of imported isotope products. We deliver radionuclide sources directly to the specified object, perform the installation of the device, implement a comprehensive adjustment of the equipment after the charge. And we also carry out a full range of dosimeter tests and make all necessary documents.

If necessary, we will demount the used sources, prepare them in accordance with the current norms and pass on the long-term storage or disposal.