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Laboratory services

The laboratory of radiation control and tests renders services to the constructing organizations,лаборатория medical institutions, industrial enterprises and individuals (on the basis of the Certificate of accreditation No. SARK RU.0001.441593 dd 15.07.2010, given out by Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency)

 РАД прав Radiation control at all stages of construction, reconstruction of buildings of production, public and inhabited appointment, starting from a choice of the plot to the commissioning of a facility with issue of protocols of researches

Measured values:

 - Equivalent dose level of gamma radiation (MED);

 - Radon stream density (PPR);

 - Equivalent equilibrium volume radon activity Rn222 (EROA);

 - Specific activity of K-40, Ra-226, Th-232 in soil tests (spectrometry).

РАД прав Radiating control of construction materials, mineral raw materials

Measured values:

- Specific effective activity of natural radionuclides with definition of the class of the material.

РАД прав Radiation control of broken piece of non-ferrous and ferrous metals

Measured values:


- capacity of an equivalent dose (MED) of gamma radiation;

- surface contamination with radionuclides.

РАД прав Radiation control of drinking and mineral water

Measured values:

- total activity of alpha and beta radiating radionuclides;

- specific activity of radon;

- specific activity of caesium-137, radium-226.

РАД прав Radiation control of food, soils, forest products

Measured values:

- specific activity of gamma radiating radionuclides.

Radiation control in medical institutions.

Radiation control at the industrial enterprises.

Electrical laboratory services with a portable set of devices