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Vacuum sewer systems

ООО ‘Radio Isotopic Production” renders all range of services in sphere of Vacuum Sewer System construction and construction of radioactive drain for radionuclide therapy units. We have all necessary governmental licenses.


     We offer complex of services:

  • Designing
  • Equipment supply
  • Assembling
  • Clearing for operation
  • Following attendance  

      Vacuum sewer system is innovative technology for collection and disposal of waste water and drainage water. This technology is used all over the world. Vacuum Sewer System is an alternative of traditional forcemain. This vacuum system is used as a soil stack installation of various applications buildings and outdoor sewerage for villages and complex of buildings.

      In modern world Vacuum Sewer Systems become more and more popular and actual. This lead-up is very economic and environment-oriented. These schemes of canalization are allowed to use in any region with any geography.

      Vacuum is in sewer system permanently, so there are not leakages and obstructions as distinct from gravity sewers. If loss-of-piping integrity happens (for example mechanic damage), there are not leakages. Air will be inleaked in system through damage area. Automation system alarms about damage. In these systems the waste water are not collected in tubes, dregs don’t appear on the tube walls. There are high speeds of waste water.

      Vacuum system of radioactive drain

      According to federal legislation and claims of rules in Russian Federation the vacuum system of radioactive drain must be contemplated for radionuclide therapy units when medical radiological objects are projected and built.

      The dumping of liquid radioactive waste is forbidden in municipal sewage lines as well as surface and water objects.

       The equipment of vacuum system of radioactive drain (toilet bowls, collection chambers, gangways) helps to reduce volume of radioactive waste.








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  • We always adhere to timescales;                                           
  • Perfective maintenance of projects;
  • We are professional with a huge experience;
  • All works are made according to requirements and regulations of legislation Russian Federation;
  • We observe the safety procedure; 
  • We work for you.  Guaranteed quality. The guaranty spreads on all services; 
  • We use modern, robust tools and equipment; 
  • Focus on customer. We care for customer. We love our customer;
  • Our business is founded on principle “Win – win”, so customer and company will be pleased with;
  • All works we make turn-key ready;
  • There is a discount system.  The longer the cooperation lasts the more you receive  mutual benefit.